The Varied Types of Stretcher Chair

The colour-friendly, battery-operated, and power-lifting capabilities of the stretcher chair have become one of the innovative inventions today. While the stretcher chair is not a new invention, the newest features make it a must-have when it comes to safely lift a patient.

However, it must be noted that the design of the stretcher chair is not meant to be carried or lifted. The stretcher chair’s main function is to transport a patient securely from one point to the next with the help of caregivers or attendants.

Even when the chair is auto-lifting and battery-powered, it is not meant to be fully extended at its maximum loading height. Then, a caregiver has to be with the patient at all times to raise or lower the cot as needed.

Stretcher chairs come in all types of colours, models, and functions, to include:

Manual Stretcher Chair

The manual stretcher chair is favoured by ambulances that need a stretcher that can easily convert into a chair. The upholstery and aluminium structure makes it a chair and stretcher that can be easily sterilised and clean at a moment’s notice. The foam mattress and the adjustable backrest provide a degree of comfort and adaptability to the position of a patient.

The four-wheeled chair and two pieces of restraint strap enable easy and safe transport of a patient from point A to point B. The foldable and light-weight features of the manual stretcher chair easily make it easy to store in cramped spaces such as an ambulance car.

Hydro-pneumatic Stretcher Chair

A comfortable chair that can be used to transport, treat, or transfer a patient safely is provided by the hydro-pneumatic stretcher chair. The hydro-pneumatic features of the chair provide easy controls for adjusting the backrest, height, and leg of a patient. Its excellent manoeuvrability and mobility make it a great chair to use for superior transport. The effortless adjustability of the chair allows it to adapt to the patient’s position from supine to sitting.

Electric Stretcher Chair

A more ergonomic position is achieved with the mattress configuration feature of the electric stretcher chair. This configuration allows medical personnel and caregivers to get closer to a patient while being assisted or worked on. The flexible stirrups prevent the use of footstools while assisting the patient when going up on the stretcher. This type of stretcher chair is a boon to any OB-GYN examination.

The flexibility of the electric stretcher chair is with the automatic adjustments on the armrests when the chair is positioned horizontally. The removable cushions are easily cleaned and disinfected after use.

Scoop Stretchers

A great purpose has been seen with scoop stretchers other than for the sole purpose of lifting and moving obese patients. It has been discovered that scoop stretchers provide the perfect solution when a cot is unable to fit the door of a home of a patient. While not providing the best patient comfort, scoop stretchers are great for transporting patients with hip dislocation or pelvic fracture.

Stretcher chairs are often called a gurney, a stretcher, or even a transportable cot. Whatever it is called, the importance of stretcher chairs is undeniable. Transporting a patient carries a load of hazardous risks. Needless to say, the stretcher chair has become a valuable piece of equipment during emergencies. Contact us at Select Patient Care Queensland to learn more about stretcher chairs.

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