How does the invisible appliance work?

The invisible luminaire is a system of transparent plastic masks customized for each patient.

First of all the impression of the patient’s teeth is taken with a digital scanner that realizes in 3D a color and 3D image of the teeth. With this imprint the dentist is able to evaluate the best orthodontic treatment and can show the patient a preview of how the invisible device can improve the smile over time .

With the fingerprint, in fact, all the masks of the invisible device will then be made. The masks are designed to make gradual and delicate movements to the teeth to align them correctly: for this reason one is produced for each individual and gradual movement of the teeth. About every two weeks, based on the progress achieved and verified by the dentist, the mask is changed to the next one to move on to the consecutive movement.

The invisible device should be worn by the patient all day , and should be easily removed only during meals and for washing teeth. Patients who have chosen the invisible device confirm the comfort and practicality and above all they affirm that nobody notices when it is worn .

The invisible device is an alternative to the classic dental device and only the orthodontist, after the checkup, will be able to evaluate if it is the best and most suitable solution for every single situation.

Invisible device for aligning teeth
No embarrassment, with invisible orthodontics systems
Very often, subjects who present problems in the correct distribution of the teeth, such as a particular dental crowding, the diastema (excessive distance between two teeth) or particularly protruding teeth, do not correct these problems because they do not feel like wearing an orthodontic appliance.

This attitude is widespread especially among adult patients, who associate a certain embarrassment with the idea of ​​wearing a dental appliance. The right solution, in all these cases, is represented by invisible orthodontic systems , which ensure the correct repositioning of the teeth, without the use of particularly showy orthodontic appliances .

The most effective system, in this sense, is that ensured by transparent masks , commonly known as invisible devices. These products are applied directly on the dental arch and, thanks to their thin and transparent consistency, they are practically invisible to the eye.

CMO Invisalign invisible orthodontics
Effective systems that are invisible to the eye
The effectiveness of this tooth positioning correction system has been proven for years, and millions of people have successfully used it all over the world.

The application of invisible masks of this type involves a very meticulous procedure, which begins with a first consultation at our center, during which it will be evaluated whether invisible orthodontics can represent the most suitable solution for the specific case.

In the affirmative case, the dental arch is taken, based on which a series of masks will be produced, each of which will be worn by the patient for about two weeks.

It is therefore a gradual correction system , through which the dentist is able to evaluate, from time to time, the effectiveness of the intervention.

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