Dental aesthetics: the secrets of a smile with white teeth, beautiful and healthy.

Dental aesthetics. A beautiful smile, with white and confident teeth is certainly an excellent business card for each of us.

The smile has an extraordinary expressive power and exhibiting a beautiful smile helps to transmit security and serenity, increasing self-esteem.

Having a perfect smile , with beautiful and white teeth like those of many celebrities, is the dream of many women and men of all ages.

That is why, more and more often, one turns to the dentist not only to keep the mouth healthy, but also to improve the appearance of the smile thanks to dental cosmetic interventions .

But what is dental aesthetics? And how can it improve the appearance of the smile?

You are there? It begins!

Dental aesthetics: what is it?

Dental aesthetics , more properly called aesthetic dentistry , consists of a series of techniques designed to correct smile defects and improve them.

Thanks to this discipline it is possible to modify the color, shape, size and position of the teeth, as well as to intervene on the mouth and gums, to enhance this expressive and important part which is the smile.

These are mainly aesthetic treatments, not at all or not very invasive but lasting , wisely calibrated to highlight the subjective harmony of the face and improve the appearance of the smile and the health of teeth and gums.

In fact, remember that, if having straight white teeth may seem like an aesthetic whim, not fixing an irregular or damaged dentition can cause chewing problems, pain and other discomforts.

Thanks to modern techniques and innovative materials available, cosmetic dentistry gives you a beautiful and brilliant smile , without neglecting dental health.

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