6 Reasons Hospitals Should Invest in A Bariatric Chair Bed

Treatment is the greatest definition of a hospital. However, safety and comfort remain an important part. While there are different beds and seats, the bariatric chair bed stands out as one of the most comfortable chair beds.

Its heavy-duty construction makes it ideal for moving heavy patients from one point to another. Basically, it is durable, stable, and sturdy but surprisingly comfortable, more so when you use it with its mattress.

Why Should You Invest in A Bariatric Chair Bed?

There are many reasons to use the bariatric chair bed. Some of them include:

Great for obese patients

Undoubtedly, an obese patient has more weight than an ordinary hospital exam chair can support. In the case of such patients, just use the bariatric exam chair. These chairs are normally designed from heavy-duty materials, making them suitable to hold 750+ pounds at a go.

In a hospital environment with obese patients, it can be incredibly easy to move them around and offer them comfortable therapy and treatment.

Great for patient rehabilitation

In some cases, the therapist may be required to be on the same bed with the patients. That can be a lot of weight, and only a bed that can support the weight of two adults can manage that.

A flimsy bed cannot hold much weight. So, it is important for hospitals offering rehabilitation services to invest in these beds.

It can be a chair and a bed

Adjustability is the gold standard when it comes to hospital examination chairs. However, the majority of the chairs only recline to a specific point. A Bariatric chair bed can recline to a flat position creating a stable bed.

Put in mind that there are different manufacturers of these beds. Therefore, the beds can slightly vary in some features across the various manufacturers. Notably, some manufacturers design beds that come with up to five recline positions. This is to enhance patients’ comfort.

Bariatric chair beds come in different sizes

In addition, to recline positions, these chairs come in various sizes. Most manufacturers design queen-sized, Twin, and full-sized beds. However, you can place your custom orders if you need something specific.

Custom bariatric chair beds are a great option in cases where there is a need for specialized things like controls, among other possibilities. For instance, you opt for a shallow chair – which is great for preventing patients from getting stuck when they get up.

Do you know you can buy a bariatric seat for your home?

Bariatric chair beds are dignified seats

Safety and comfort go hand in hand. By now, you know that a bariatric chair bed is very comfortable, but also it is stable and strong, thanks to the heavy-duty construction.

The most vital thing, however, is; this chair bed is easy for patients to use, i.e., they can get out. Heavier patients have a sense of security because these seats can carry heavy weight than an ordinary chair would carry.

Bariatric chair beds are a nice option for the disabled

Disabled individuals can easily move around either at home or the hospital when they have the bariatric chair bed., especially those that are over-weight. Though these seats require a considerable amount of space, they are still easy to manoeuvre in any position.

Note: Some bariatric chair beds for hospitals come with safety rails, which can be stowed and retracted within the bed’s frame. This makes it easy to transfer patients.

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